Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cuban Pete

I found this on youtube. Pedro Aguilar AKA Cuban Pete was my uncle who passed in 2009

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Press Release for immediate release
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“The Latter Glory: A season of purpose, passion and possibilities”
Challenges baby boomers to redefine what their future will be
Author Tony C. Aguilar makes the case that many people have defined success according to self-interests other than their own. The Latter Glory challenges Americans, especially those over 50 to redefine their future and success according to their passion and purpose in life. Tony C. Aguilar is the lead organizer of Total Empowerment Ministries and supply minister for Flatbush Church of the Redeemer in Brooklyn New York. A former community organizer he has been involved in issues of affordable housing, economic development, and living wage. He is also the creator of the Detective Channel, an internet radio and movie channel. The Latter Glory will be available through Amazon Kindle E-books. beginning June 20th 2011. www.amazon.com

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tiger and Rory "Will there be a latter glory":

As I watched the Masters golf tournament yesterday I thought about both Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. After well publicized issues in his private life and a change in how he plays the game one could ask is he about to enjoy a latter glory. The question for all people when we go through trials and tribulations whether due to our own actions or extenuating circumstances is do we have the passion and the desire to come back and go to even greater heights. As for Rory McIlroy after watching him lose his lead in the manner that he did when so many people were crowning him the winner the night before, there is no doubt that he will have to win a major to get this out of the minds of people and himself. As for Tiger Woods I think the answer is yes that he will enjoy a latter glory. We all fall at points of our life but the question is do we get back up and continue despite the naysayers. Athletics and entertainment have always been two arenas where those who fall if they have the passion and willingness to go through the storm can enjoy a latter glory that can take them to greater heights than before. Muhammad Ali. Kobe Bryant, Robert Downey Jr. are examples of people who were able to come back from the storm and enjoy greater heights of success. As for Rory while it remains to be seen I think he will come back strong. He is young and quite talented. Storms come in our lives but if the passion is there we can weather them and enjoy the latter glory.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

There is great joy in creating something whether an enterprise, book, poetry, that involves a passion or an interest. Sometimes it will involve your vocation but other times it will just be an interest that you have. In creating The Detective Channel, I was looking to create something around my love of mystery and detective movies as well as old time radio. With the use of the internet creating enterprises has become easier. Is it time consuming yes but it is worth the time and effort. I don't believe everyone needs to create a small business or enterprise but awakening our creativity has great advantages. It creates purpose, potential and passion. Whether that creativity is in the arts, athletics, politics the use of our imaginations is something that will provide great joy. I would urge all people to make some time and just start thinking about how to use your creative powers. You might be surprised at what you will accomplish.

Friday, April 8, 2011

We are in a latter glory moment in our nation. In my book "The Latter Glory" I tell the biblical story found in Haggai about how the Israelties were building a new temple to replace the one destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II. Many of the older generation of Israelites wept because it didn't resemble the old temple built by Solomon. They lived in the shadow of the so called good old days. There was however a new generation of Israelites who understood that there was going to be a latter glory and so they kept on building. There are some who do not welcome the new America and as a result there is a rush to go back to a more imperfect time in our history. What we see with the birthers, Wisconsin, Tea Party etc is the crying of the elders wishing that we could back to another time of our history. In essence it is the desparate gasp to reclaim the past but these elders and their proxies who are crying now will soon give way to a new reality. There is a latter glory, it is a glory that's diverse, multicultural and progressive. Those who are building this new temple will keep on building because they understand that this new temple will be built only tbrough hard work and struggle. There has never been a time in our nations history when progress didn't come through struggle but it is always this struggle which produces the latter glory.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Excerpt from the book "The Latter Glory"

Many of you have heard the song” It was a very good year.” The line that I resonate most with is “and now I think of my life as vintage wine from fine old kegs from the brim to the dregs it was a very good year.” The thing about wine is that when it gets to a certain age it’s rich, full and ready to be enjoyed. I find life to be the same way. Sometimes it takes a while but life at 50 can be like fine old wine from fine old kegs and ready to be enjoyed. As young children when we thought about the glory days, it was about getting older to do what grown folk do. In other words it was about what was to come. As we grow older the glory is in past things and we think about what used to be, in other words the good old days. I think we were better off as children. We had great expectations and couldn't wait until we could experience what it meant to be an adult. Life is much more exciting with great expectations. In the bible, the book of Haggai tells us about the people who were building the temple to replace the one built by Solomon. They had great memories of the former temple, which had been destroyed. They were looking back at the glory that was, instead of the glory that was to come. As the new temple was being built, many of the older folks were disappointed because they didn’t think it lived up to the glory of the former temple. In fact some of them wept. In other words they were missing the good old days but god tells them that the glory of the latter days will be greater than the glory of the former days. Their fixation on what used to be, what could have been, impeded their ability to see that the best was yet to come. What will the later glory bring? It will bring what we are willing to envision, embrace and bring to pass. I want to challenge us to take up the biblical proclamation that the glory of the latter days will be greater than the glory of the former days. You might say this is a 50 something book and while the age of 54 is my present context, this book is not just for those who are reaching 50 or surpassed it because all of us need to be aware of the seasons of our lives. To those folks who frequently talk about the good old days, god says the latter glory will be greater than the former glory. Who shall we believe?